Day two : Cravings are handled – Mind still scattered

I awoke this morning remarkably relaxed and, dare I say it, unconcerned by … well, anything!

While this may seem like an ideal way to get up (and it is, don’t get me wrong) it’s not the best way to motivate oneself into work.

I finally get in, set myself up, grab a coffee and a quick bite to eat from the cafe across the road, and get into the process of Introducing the new girl in the team to the people she’ll need to know around the office.

I had the occasional craving for a smoke today … but they were mild, and easily brushed aside. The hard times were at those mass habit points – after a coffee, , needing a break at the end of the day when everyone else is heading home, going back to the car, etc. I managed though, and reasonably easily.

I still feel split in three.

There’s the conscious me. Then there’s two “sub-conscious” me’s – each struggling with the “new order” and trying to sort things out. This is leaving me scatter-brained at times, other times I tend to drift off in a daze – not daydreaming, just off. Mind you, when I’m not scattered, my focus seems to be much sharper, ideas rapid fire out and my stress levels are down during those moments. Unfortunately, at the moment, they are just moments of wonderful, calming lucidity in a mass of whirling, dazzling, split-minded confusion.

It’s been a little weird.

Well, about to make dinner now, then I’ll play the CD, go through the book and exercises and go to bed early so I can start nice and early in the morning.

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