My last post : no time to play in the garden

Well, besides my best endeavours to avoid it, I’ve been crook as the proverbial dog.

Actually, on second thoughts, I think the dog’s had the better deal.

After a couple of months of lethargy, general drained energy, etc, got hit with the flu hard – to the point I was hallucinating from the fever – but nearly a fortnight after the flu and fever broke, I was no better. So, yet another visit to the doctor’s office – to find I have bronchitis. Oh, yai me!

So, that explains my MIA status for the last couple of months.

While I’m still not quite over it, I have noticed I’ve been running myself ragged. So, I need to start re-prioritising activities and my timelines. As such, this will most probably be my final entry in this blog. I have a wordpress blog out there if you’re clever enough to find it and/or care enough to read my haphazard thoughts and ramblings.

As for my activities on FF. I haven’t been on for about 2 months due to the aforementioned illness, and the reality is that I’ll probably not be so active on the magazine when I come back. I’ll still drop in to look after the Ask the Other Sex … group, although I have invited a co-moderator to take up the reigns if she accepts.

I haven’t had a chance to get into the chat rooms lately, and if I do get back in it’ll probably be haphazard at best and mainly in the Australia room.

If you’re one of my regulars (god, I sound like a street floozy!) and want me to get in touch via FF-mail, drop me a comment here and I’ll send through a note.

Otherwise, to all who I’ve interacted with in the past, good luck, best wishes and may your health be treasured.

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