Coining the word

Well, I was sitting here with my Mrs, and she pipes up that while we have terms for older attractive females (Yummy Mummy and MILF spring to mind) … why aren’t there terms for the males?

Well, while I can speculate as to why … I think it’s far more productive to simply rectify the situation.So, while my Mrs came out with “Delicious Daddy” as a Yummy Mummy style word, there was no “MILF” styled word.

So, my sick twisted mind kicked into gear and came out with … a Dad I‘d Like to Bonk Extremely Rigorously Tonight.

Yeop, a DILBERT.

So, now the girls can be walking down the road and can say “oooh, now he’s a DILBERT!”

Alternatively, when they hear “ooh, a MILF” they can respond “too bad you’re not a DILBERT”

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