I need someone to protect me from all the measures they take in order to protect me

In a world gone mad, madness is the order of the day! I’ll be out “protesting” all day at the stupidity of governments and corporations. OK, to be fair, in this situation the government has actually been quite good and we’re talking about the stupidity of corporations specifically of the Saville Property Management Group who look after the Southgate Complex on the Yarra River – here’s the full history for you to grasp the idiocy all at once.

To surmise – Saville released a policy to state that “photography will be banned around the Southgate Complex” to alleviate “terrorist concerns” brought about when “tourists were seen taking images of obscure items such as the facade of the building”, you know “things that will be of no interest in a photo album”.

The nerve of the group to state what is and isn’t appropriate photography, let alone the association with terrorism.

In a later statement (after some fallout by the clicking public and prominent personalities including the PM and the Victorian Attorney-General) they stated they were still going to maintain the ban due to concerns of “photographs taken of children not related to the photographer and other inappropriate behaviour”. Wow, so now I’m a pedophile?

It truly is a ridiculous state of being to find ourselves in.



Well, due to the public backlash, the Saville group removed the “no photography” signs and released a change of policy. Yai to people power. Hopefully, the AG will now re-look at the laws in relation to public spaces, or specifically, the laws in relation to “private properties” opened up to the community as a public space.

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