okay – you people scare me


You do.

I went looking through my blog stats before I started ranting on the stupidity of the over-reaction on terrorism but then I saw my stats (and, admittedly, I had already ranted over here).

So, back to the stats.

Did I mention you scare me?


Oh! You want to know why!?

Well, as I said, I went and looked up my stats, and found that most of my “new” traffic is coming from search engines … so far so good, right?

Until I looked up the search terms most commonly used.

At number 1 (drum roll please)


I shit you not! I get at least three new (un-cookied) people a day hitting this site after searching for cowboy sex (or a derivative there of).


The other top terms were –

  • well hung” (and one “well hung teacher“),
  • photocopier pussy scan“,
  • “paid sex“,

and last but not least in the top 5

  • why do people pull their underwear up

Of course the more important question is … why the hell are they coming here?

And another thing (let’s ignore the obvious mistake of starting a sentence with a conjunction for the flow of this, OK? bugger, ruined it already haven’t I?) why are you people not commenting?I know you’re coming here, I have the stats!

I know some of you are even coming over regularly!

How about a simple hello?

How about a “hey that’s a nice pic”?

I’ll even accept a “sheesh, and you wanna be a photographer?”

… gees Louise bloody freeloading blog readers!


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