What a surprise! “Australia is going the wrong way on human rights”

I was reading this opinion piece written in The Age newspaper today (Found Here).

While I haven’t had the opportunity to independently verify the points about the UN voting stances claimed by Brian Walters, it’s not that hard a stretch to imagine that it’s factual.

The pure fact of the matter is, that over the last few years, the policies that have been coming out of Canberra are atrocious or ridiculous at best. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear we were now living in the old regimes of Russia or pre-global-industrially-revitalised China.

For a country that’s still young by the standards of the world, we’re trying really hard to catch up on creating negative karma – imprisonment of refugees, sedition laws (under which I’ll probably be arrested simply for writing this!), our continued mistreatment of the Aboriginal communities, the two-faced approach to migrant Australians, the stand against gay rights and gay marriage, the move towards anti-abortion and the set up of an abortion “help line” manned by Christian right-to-lifers … the list just continues ad infinitum.

What happened?

When did we go from the Lucky Country to the Avoided Country?

When did we go from the Smart Country to the Bigoted Country?

When did we go from Multicultural Hub to Racist Rednecks?

When did we stop embracing the peoples of different backgrounds and started hating and vilifying them?

When did the separation of Religion and state stop?

Why are we as a community, as a nation, not speaking up about this?

Why are we not demanding a change to the joke of a document we refer to as a constitution?

Why are we not willing to look at the bigger picture and remain happy that we are with the best goverment simply because they added a few token dollars of relief to our tax brackets?

C’mon people! Where’s your voice?

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