What I’ve been up to lately …

In the spirit of trying to keep this updated at least once a week I thought I’ll just babble on about the most boring thing that’s probably possible … me

Well, work is still a hassle … they actually expect me to do something for the money they pay me! How rude, up till now I expected it was simply an appearance fee! Oh well, them’s the breaks!

I was in Sydney last week for three intensive days of team workshopping and three intensive nights of hardcore drinking … err, I mean, team socialising and bonding … yeah, that’s right … was actually a lot of fun, even though it was a work event … it’s fair to say, that it’s probably one of the best teams I’ve worked in … and they all had a GSOH … mostly deprecating style humour … but funny none-the-less.

I did spend an extra day as Annual Leave to go out with a lovely character I met here in the chat rooms, I won’t mention names in case she wants to disown any association But I had a great deal of fun spending nearly 11 hours just chatting as we went from place to place and exploring and making fun of the people and places around Sydney.

My tax cheque (from last year!) finally came in … and after a few weeks of nagging and begging, the financial controller allowed me to spend it on my new digital (in case you care – a Canon 5D professional level) camera. So, I’ve been spending a fair bit of my spare time tying to learn all of it’s features and just having fun shooting everything I see … some of the results can be seen under my Flickr site.

Found out my picture was in the local rag … because I had about ten people come up to me to tell me … I’ll try and get a scanned image of the section up at some point … was a great photo actually … should probably write in and buy it as the few photos I have are “snap happies” and since I’m normally behind the camera, good quality shots of me are practically impossible to come by …

What else? Lets see … The Financial controller told me I have to forget about my back tatt for a while now that I spent the money on the camera … and she’s really gone into mega-budget mode as we’re looking at re-financing … and wow, isn’t that an exercise in itself!

I’m going to quit smoking (again!) … this time I’ve decided to engage a head-fiddler (psychologist and hypnotherapist) to help me do it … booked him in a few months ago … hopefully it wont be too long now … long waiting times and expensive ($700!!) but he is meant to be the best … thus why all the big corps use him for their execs and why he has a long waiting list … oh, well, better be worth it!

I think that’s it really, all boring really … but there you have it.

So, for now, live well, take care and have fun

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