Where the hell was I?

OK, so I haven’t updated in a bazillion years, and I’m sorry … Not that many noticed I was gone … anyhows, in case you care, here’s a little taste of what’s new in the land of X.

– It’s winter. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s freezing, it’s windy, it’s bloody cold!
– Work is the same. More of it. That’s it.
– Trying to go through and clean up my financial life – refinancing, consolidation of credit cards, etc.
– Went to Adelaide for work at the beginning of April. Been busy working on a project that came out of that pretty much ever since.
– Going to Sydney in the last week of June … might take a day or two off to relax and catch up with people.
– I have been playing EVE (an online game) as a means to relax the brain from the constant thinking and remove myself from vegetating in front of the idiot box … not sure how this is better.
– Everyone around me is changing their life … people are moving interstate, changing jobs, getting new toys … I’m starting to feel left out.
– Haven’t been surfing or diving in ages … partly because it’s winter, partly because I’m swamped from work, partly because of the refinancing, but mostly because I’m getting lazy and lacking motivation – now you see why I needed an activity partner??
– My sister’s birthday came and went … she hit the big three-oh-my-god-is-that-how-old-I-am-now?
– Oh yeah, finally cut off that hair that was threatening to turn me into an aging hippie-yuppie

That’s really all I got right now … Oh, I’m sure there’s lots that I’m leaving out, but as I remember, I’ll update, how’s that for a Deal?

In the meantime – where have all of you been? No comments, no nudges, nothing in the groups … sheesh!

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