Special Request

Special Request

George and Mona were married for 40 yrs when George suddenly died. At the funeral home, Mona was asked if she had any special requests.

“Why yes, I have just one. Would you please cut off George’s penis for me?”

The funeral home had heard them all, so they did what she asked.

A few days later, Gladys came over to visit, to see how Mona was getting along. Mona was in the kitchen cooking, with a smile on her face. Gladys asked why she was so happy, then started looking in the pots on the stove.

“Hmmm, beans”. Lifting another lid, “Hmmm, potatoes.”

Gladys lifted the lid on the third pot and gasped! “Why, Mona, that looked like a penis in there!!!”

Mona just smiled and said “Yup, it’s George’s. I ate that son of a bitch HIS way for 40 yrs. Tonight I eat him MY way…

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