Paid Sex

Paid Sex

There were three young sisters who fell on hard times. They were hungry and behind on the rent so they decided one of them would have to go out on the streets.

The eldest said she was too old, the middle one said she was too plain so it came down to the youngest sister. They put her out on the street and instructed her to ask for at least 500 bucks.

It was very late when she got home, “Hurry up,” they said, “the food shop closes soon, give me the money.”

The sister looked embarrassed and explained she hadn’t got the money.

“What happened” they asked.

“Well you see I got picked up by a man who took me to his room and he had his wicked way.”

“Well what did you do with the money?”

“Well you see I liked it so much I paid him to do it again.”

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