Mad Dog

Mad Dog

A cowboy is strutting around a crowded swimming hole along the River, trying to get the girls’ attention.. He climbs to the top of a high tree to make a fancy dive.

Hitting the water, he makes a helluva splash, but when he breaks surface he realizes that he’s lost his swimming shorts. He spends the next few minutes frantically trying to locate them.

Giving up on the shorts, he belly-crawls up to the bank, going crazy trying to figure out how he’s gonna get out of the water without everybody noticing that he’s naked.

He gets an idea. Cupping his hand over his privates, he hollers, “Mad dog! Mad dog!” and jumps out of the water, hauling ass towards the bushes while everybody else is scattering in panic.

Except for one drunk cowgirl, who whips off her bikini bottom and takes out after him, hollering, “Mad dog, huh? Well, let’s us just muzzle that son-of-a-bitch!”

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