Hold my Balls

Hold my Balls

A prizefighter was driving across West Texas with his wife. He said, “Honey, I’ve been thinking. I’ve always heard how tough Texans are. Here I am with a 20-0 record in the ring. I feel like I’m tough but I’ve never fought a Texan. It’s got me to wondering.”

The wife said, “Oh Honey, that doesn’t make any difference. You’re successful at what you do. You’ve fought some mighty tough guys and you’ve always come out on top.”

He said, “Yeah, but I still can’t help but wonder. Before we get through this state, I’m going to have to whip a Texan’s ass.”

About that time a tire blew out. The fighter got stopped and it was about 110 degrees out in the West Texas sun. He was not looking forward to changing a tire in this heat. As he started pulling the jack out of the trunk, Ol’ Bubba pulled up in his pickup.

Bubba hollered, “You need any help?”

The fighter said, “Yeah, I need a tire changed and I need to whip a Texan’s ass. Which one do you want to help me with?”

Bubba said, “How about this? You whip my ass; I’ll change your tire. I whip your ass, you hold my balls up out of the hot sand while I fuck your lady.”

They agreed and got after it. A little later the prize fighter and his wife were back on the road and she said, “Honey, I guess that Texan wasn’t so tough after all.”

He said, “No, did you see the way he flinched when I dropped his balls in the hot sand?”

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