Be the best you that you can be

One of the many lessons I’ve learnt in life is that pretending to be someone you’re not is simply going to end in pain. Ultimately, that pain will be yours.

The internet is one of those spaces that since the inception of chat channels (anyone else besides me remember schat? most would now of it’s progeny – IRC), people for the first time had a means of communicating with others almost completely anonymously.

Unfortunately, as the internet has expanded – new technologies and methods of communication (like this site) have sprung – and with them brought further cloaks of anonymity. While this is not unwelcome – it does allow for the insidious nature of people to come out.

Oh, I’m not talking about the unsavoury few (and I won’t go into that) but the aspect in all of us that strives to be accepted, deplores rejection and desires love.

These aspects are normal – however they can lead and tempt us onto paths that may be as difficult to retrace back as that taken by Hansel and Gretel.

I’m talking about lying. No matter how small, each lie is a breadcrumb stolen by the birds and another pathway marker that will invariably assist in our loss in the forest.

I discovered that if you always tell the truth – regardless of who’s asking – you have less to remember. See, to use another analogy, every lie you spin becomes a thread weaved into a complicated tapestry – and before you know it, you have great difficulty being able to unravel a single thread, without it affecting everything else in your life.

The danger people face on this site is that if they expose themselves for who they really are – people will hurt them. Well, that’s certainly true. People will hurt you, they always will – and those closest to you will hurt you the most too.

So what?

A small lie (like a photo of you from 10 years ago) is still a lie – and if you are on this site to find a partner, one would assume that you would meet them at some point – the truth will come out – and do you really want to start a relationship with a lie?

So, be true to yourself – be the best you that you can be! Don’t try to be someone else – if people don’t like you for you, then they do not deserve you … if they do, then that’s someone you want to get to know. Simple, clear and efficient.

So, that’s my message for today – not everyone will like you, and that’s OK!

Not everyone is going to be honest – that’s fine too – it won’t be too long before you discover that.

All you can control, is how you act and present yourself.

So, once again, be the best you that you can be!

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