(in)Tolerance and Ignorance – hiding behind the skirts of Religion

Trawling through the FriendFinder magazine, there was a question posed in the advice lines, which quickly degraded into a judgement call on homosexuality. While I consider this deplorable enough on it’s own, to do so and claim it’s “gods” desire or way is even more so.

So, an edited section of my response to the poster is replicated here for others to ponder.

GOD – whether you know it as Allah, God, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Jehovah, Pan, Mazda, the creator-source … whatever really, it doesn’t matter in the end – “IT” created life as is.

Life was created as an expression of it’s infinite glory and diversity. IT created the aspects of sexuality among man and beast – and yes, beasts have homosexual sex … so, do not place your judgemental values and claim they are God’s – if you read the Qur’an – and not just Mohammad’s last prophecies – you’ll find no such judgements. This is also true of the original texts of other religions.

Before you argue otherwise – I have read the Qur’an and the Torah and a hundred other holy texts – I’m not a Muslim, nor a Christian or a Judaist – I am however a student of the texts – so please have your facts aligned – not just your uninformed judgements.

Tolerance and human equity are the fruit of Divine Knowledge in its pure form. God provided mankind with Divine Knowledge so that we might understand ourselves, and understand our role in human society, and, thus, develop human relations that are based on tolerance and equity.

The texts set the groundwork for human relations in kindness and the best of behaviors. God states that one of His/Her objectives in creating humanity is that men should interact on the best of terms.

All holy texts – including all Islamic texts (the Qur’an and the Sunnah), recommend and promote tolerance.

These sources not only recommend the practice of tolerance of religious followers toward each other, but also of those non-followers within a society.

If you are going to sit and preach to all, then remember the words of the text in their true context and in their true meaning. Do not abuse them to portray your own lack of understanding, tolerance and discrimination.

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