Why I’m on FF

I’ve only been on FF for a short time. In that time, I’ve spoken to many in the chat rooms, a few in the magazine and a handful in IM.

Each time, the basic question comes up – why am I on FF? I’ve been asked a number of times – so I thought I’d respond to it here and just point people to this post from now on.

Okay, from the start.

I am attached. I’ve never lied about or tried to hide that. Actually, I’m quite happy with my partner , in fact we’ve just started our thirteenth year together.

For years, I’ve tried to find things to do together, which is not easy mind you – we’re chalk and cheese in all things – hell after five years in our current house, we still haven’t got it fully furnished … because we can’t agree on anything!

Nearly two years ago, my partner started playing the SIMS2 game. She got hooked. Before you could spell Maxis, she was making mods and getting into the whole community thing.

Anyhow, recently, I’ve been wanting to do some new activities. In essence, this is what has led me to join FF.

Partly because she is stuck in her new world, and partly because she isn’t interested in some of these activities, I decided to look for a new set of friends.

The other side of that equation is that I looked at my current set of friends, and discovered an interesting set of facts – most of my friends are either female or gay males. The few straight male friends I have are all decidedly within the IT industry. I decided I’d like to expand the social demographics of my friends.

Finally, I’ve started travelling interstate for work again. I hate being in a new city where I end up drinking alone or worse, end up becoming a workaholic stuck in my hotel room.

So, I decided to try my luck on FF. So, in summary I’m seeking three things out of FF:

1. To find more friends
2. To find people to do things with on the weekend that my partner isn’t interested in – like open water diving (scuba), surfing, hiking, camping, etc.
3. To find people to socialise with when I travel interstate for work

So the next question I get is then, why do I specify Females in my profile?

That’s a little more complicated, but I’ll try to answer that as well.

In short, I don’t get along with most males. It’s a combination of factors, but generally speaking, I find it hard to interact with most men.

Not to say I don’t get along with them, just that I find it more difficult to do so.

Meanwhile, I find it very easy and natural to relate to and interact with women. I sometimes joke that my personality is best described as a lesbian in a mans body. Some of my friends agree. Maybe this has something to do with it?

So, while I have specified females as my preference, I have actually made a few male friends on FF – I dare say I’ve had deeper conversations with the females I’ve met on this site – but I’m not closed to someone of my own gender surprising me.

So there you have it. My reasons for why I’m on this site and why I’ve listed my preferences the way they are.