What’s the fasciantion with adding?

Warning – I’m going to rant

One of the aspects of this site is the constant obsession with people wanting to add you to their friends network or gain your messenger details.

Admittedly, this may just be a chat room thing.

While I do not have an issue with this, I do have an issue with people who try to do so without getting to know me first.

Oh, and PLEEEEEEEEASE don’t try the line “oh, but if we talk in messenger, we can get to know each other”


The reason I have so few people on my friends list – is because there’s so few I enjoy chatting to … there’s even less who have my messenger details or my email address – those who do have so, because they made an effort to get to know me first – room chats and private chats primarily.

So, I’ve made a decision, if someone invites me to their friend netwrok blindly – they get an instant block – not just a rejection.

If you want to talk to me outside of this site – then try to get to know me first. Make an effort to read my profile, anything!

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