Keep your eyes open for amazing people

It’s amazing the range of personalities that are part of this network. No surprise that all sorts are on here – the world is full of them really.

What does amaze me though is the number of people who can’t recognize that fact.

I spend the majority of my time in two areas – the Australia chat room and in the magazine area. What is obviuos to me straight away is that IMNSHO there seems to be four types of people.

The first type are the majority of the people I see and meet. They are here for one thing – the reason they joined the network originally. This may be sex, seeking a new partner or simply exploring the possibilities. Whatever their reasoning, they are single minded about this focus and do not stray from their mission. Unfortunatly, this can mean that they can miss out on potential relationships (like friendship!) because their filters have given them tunnel vision.

The second type are the apparent here and now instant gratification group. They are the ones who seem to live their entire online life in the pursuit of either boosting their ego or getting their rocks off. These are the people who’s replies to advice columns is (at the least) non constructive and who spam chat channels with offers of private chats, sexual conquests and requests for access to your albums. Their single mindedness tends to come across as rude, beligerent, arrogant, filfthy (not in a good way) and disrespectful. Their boasting may be comforting to themselves, but I wonder if they get to meet any real people?

The third are those that are genuinely themselves. These people are the ones who respond to advice columns and talk in chat rooms with integrity, honesty and without a care for the popularity surge. They are seen by many, and if you meet then in real life they are as they appear online. Many have been on the site for years and are here simply to maintain friendships. Whatever the reason. they are the ones who seem to get the most value out of the site.

The fourth, and rarest of the three, are the gems. These people are undefinable. What I consider a gem is not what you may. However, I will try and describe them as such: these are the people you meet that you just click with instantly – and in most cases they will surprise you with a part of themselves that you’ll find yourself grateful for knowing about.

My point? Well it’s simple. Look around! You are surrounded by amazing people. If you take the time to be yourself and just open up the doors to the possibilities, you might be surprised at the gems you’ll find, the friends you’ll make and the overall experience you’ll have with the site.

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