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One of the dangers of being on your friends’ mailing lists is that besides all the jokes, amusements, art, etc … we also get those “petition” eMails.

Now, I’m not heartless, but jeez Loiuse! Does anyone have a clue? I mean think about this logically! If even Amnesty International has to put together petitions via pen and paper methodologies, why do you think that some public servant in Mozambique will alter the tragedy of _pick_your_favorite_bad_scenario_ because 200 people did a chain-mail and sent it to them?

I got another one of these – with the title of “If this doesn’t touch you, you’re heartless…”

I’ve had enough people, so here’s the deal: I created a template for just these sorts of eMails, and as a community service, I’m posting it here for all to utilise as required.

If you have suggestions on how to improve this, please drop it in the comments!

[Template Reply:]

Why are you recieving this? Because either you have sent or were part of mailout that included your eMail in some form of petition spam.

I just have had enough (or maybe just a bad day?) and need to let you all know that as emotionally charged as these types of eMails tend to be, can people PLEASE check the hoax sites to see if you’re not just being taken for a ride and thus contributing to the electronic trash being flung around? If you want to honestly help, pay a stipend each month to amnesty, oxfam, or other such charities instead! If you want to know which charities to throw your $2 into check out the last set of URL’s.

So if you want to truely make a difference, put your money where your send button is. Thank you.

Some sites to see are listed below:

On Charities:

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