Are we really that surprised?

[Text that came with eMail:]

It seems that the American Education system is failing them miserably! Besides their abhorent sense of geography, they apparently can’t even name their own freedoms granted by their nation’s founders!

For thosw non-yanks among the readers, the five freedoms listed in the first amendment include:

  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of Speech
  • freedom of the press
  • freedom of assembly
  • freedom to petition for redress of grievances (aka the right to a day in court)

Amusingly, some respondents of the Vox Pop stated that the right to drive and the right to have pets were part of their first amendment rights.

Now, I’m sorry, but I know more of their rights (thanks to Law & Order and other such shows) than these people seem to! No wonder the US is becoming Orwell’s vision of 1984 … but that’s a discussion for another blog site.


The Full Routers article

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