Low Flying

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23 Feb 06 Pilots Hone Their Skills For Upcoming Airshow Season. Photography by Frans Dely/Aviationdimension.com. Early morning anglers are treated to the spectacle of four T6 Harvard Aircraft from The Flying Lions Aerobatic Team waterskiing  across the    Klipdrift Dam near Johannesburg South Africa.

Lead by Scully Levin, with wingman Arnie Meneghelli, Stewart Lithgow and Ellis Levin, this renown airshow display team rehearse a sequence for the newly launched "Aviation Action" television program on Supersport. Arnie Meneghelli from Academy Brushware, owner of the aircraft had  this to say, "What we did today I believe is a world first. It illustrates that  South African airshow pilots are amongst the best in the world".

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