are you committed to sparkle motion?

Between one group of my (mad) friends, a topic was raised. It seems a tagline on an eMail one of them received stated “I doubt your commitment to sparkle motion”.

We where intrigued … what the hell is sparkle motion, and why should we have a commitment to it?

The line is actually a reference to the movie Donnie Darko. However, even in that movie – there’s no reference to what sparkle motion actually is … our minds have raced with the possibilities.

Our resident pervert suggested that our commitment should be to the stripper/porn actress by the same name.

I’m hoping there’s a better use of our commitment.

Really, I just want a definitive answer to what sparkle motion is … heck, make it up …

One thought on “are you committed to sparkle motion?”

  1. I reckon the pr0n stra ur thinkin of is Annie Sparkle aka Annie Sprinkl;e nd thats a motion i’d be commited to–>

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