Sunday Night Dichotomy

Do you ever find yourself in two minds?

How do you get back?

I’m sitting here and recovering from my Saturday Night. On the one hand I want to go out and boogie on, on the other I need to recover in a stargate sarcophagus.

Last night was one of entertainment and debauchery that can only be experienced with the words “bucks night”. After a night of drinking, mucking around, drinking, “educational entertainment”, drinking, clubbing, drinking and finally home … I was, to use the colloquialism, rat-shit.

Due to the strict non-disclosure-agreement signed for the event, all I can say, is that fun and frivolity was had, and I dare say more than one victim, err, guest, will still be nursing side effects on Monday.

Today’s been pretty boring, finally woke up at 1330. Realised I promised a friend I’d go to the home show where he has a huge stand and take some photos, but that wasn’t going to happen now. On top of which my lovely partner demanded I head off to Coles and do the groceries, go to the deli and pick up the lunch meats (and biccies of-course!), head to the pharmacy and get a few more things … so nearly three hours later, I finally get home and I’m exhausted. However, if I want to eat anything other than a can of baked beans or take-away, i need to do the cooking, so into the kitchen I go to prepare some Lamb Ribs marinated in a black pepper sauce with a crushed potato mash with parsley, chives, dill and garlic. Finally, I needed to do some washing, so I shoved a load in.

So, now I’m proverbially stuffed. So, with that I bid you all a good night, and a good night to all.

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