What a week!

Wow, here we are at the end of the second week of August already!

In the last fortnight, I’ve come another year closer to my use-by date, I’ve resigned and left my previous employer, I’ve flown up to Sydney and attended a conference, had some Monday night madness (see previous post), flown back to Melbourne, had some coffee with some old work colleagues, built half a retaining wall in the backyard, went out for some dinner with one of my best friends in celebration of her getting closer to her use-by date and am currently preparing to celebrate my dad’s 65th tonight at a surprise party we’ve organised for him.


Tomorrow I start my new life as a Solutions Architect with a worldwide Professional Services organisation … I hear from my contacts in said company, that my name has already been bandied about in relation to a number of projects … so it promises to be an interesting and exciting time.

Life in general is good, not too much to rant about at the moment, which is why (along with the aforementioned busy-ness) I haven’t made too many entries lately.

I finally (after 4-odd years of fighting, grovelling and waiting) have had my ADSL service approved. I received my Modem/Router and central splitter by courier, went about installing everything … and nothing.

Seems a technician forgot about the part of ACTIVATING the port at the exchange after approving it. So, I now have to wait for the Helstra people to work out their bums from their thumbs and get that back in order for me.

Well, that’s about it for today … I’m off to pick up some dry cleaning, and then get ready for tonight. I’m sure I’ll report in tomorrow with news of my first day at the new place.


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