TEAC 05 : Suncorp BPM Case Study

Greetings and Salutations,

I recently attended The Enterprise Architecture Conference 2005 held by BTELL at Star Casino in Sydney. A lot of information was covered in a short amount of time (no surprise there!) and I decided that I would enter a retrospective set of entries for each of the sessions I attended. Where allowable by copyright, I will enter as much information as possible. Otherwise, I will just provide a brief description of my impressions of the session.

An IT Driven Approach to Process Architecture
Presented by Jamie Cornes, Team Leader Business Process Architecture, Suncorp.

Jamie presented a case study of Suncorp’s process automation and continuous improvement processes.

With no disrespect intended to Jamie, I found the presentation a little “light”. Now, whether that was due to NDA, compliancy or legal issues, I do not know … but I was hoping to hear more about the approaches used, the “gotchas”, lessons learnt, etc.

Instead, we got a brief overview of BPM theory and a presentation that seemed to be lifted from a boardroom proposal to sell IT driven BPM to Suncorp’s execs.

Perhaps I’m being too harsh, but that’s the way I saw it. I really got no value from this, and there’s nothing I can share here with you that you won’t see by doing a wikipedia search on the topic.



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