Google v Microsoft : Fight! Fight! Fight!

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So, the ever increasing press release battle between and is taking on the appearance of an intense personal schoolyard recess-break fight.

Firing off the first round, Dr Lee says that he approached regarding possible employment in May of 2005 which led to an offer of employment and that at no time did actively him nor encouraged him to violate any agreements with .

A declaration made by Lee was among the court papers filed by this week, in which Dr Lee states that , told him they were “definitely going to sue you and over this” and that “We need to do this to stop .”

Meanwhile, a Superior Court Judge granted ‘s request for a temporary restraining order to prevent Dr Kai-Fu Lee from violating his non-compete agreement on Thursday. Specifically, is prohibited from working on any search technologies, business strategies, research and development or planning related to the search market in China. Finally, is prohibited from encouraging any other employees to join .

However, the Judge also barred from destroying any relevant documents or data that relate to ‘s employment and ordered that they post $1 million security to be used to pay for costs and damages if it is determined the restraining order was wrongfully granted.

immediately fired back claiming that the lawsuit is a charade, with it’s real intent to scare other employees from defecting.

This really is a typical schoolyard fight.

is ever ready with heavy handed techniques that typically show off more brawn than brains, and is utilising that by taunting them with vilification jibes and jeers of they be evil.

I’m surprised that no-one has yet mentioned the hypocrisy of ‘s lawsuit in light of their own rampant poaching activities.

If memory serves, this case is similar to an incident in 1997. Only, back then poached ‘s top 40 engineers, offering them up to twice their salaries to go work for . I think it would be fair to say that they all were apparently in possession of what might be considered ‘s IP and trade secrets? Didn’t they also use the same technique to poach some staff at one point? How about when they poached Cambridge University’s Head of Computing Dr Needham?

It’s just not old cases, over the last year, have poached staff for every department, including their legal department!

Oh, well, the bell rings and we’ll just have to wait till lunchtime bell for the next round.

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