Making war on the Public

It is becoming increasingly obvious as every day passes that the entire point of the “war on terrorism” has nothing to do with protecting the public from terrorism, but a great deal to reinforce the idea of illimitable federal power.

I’ve touched on this before in a .

The latest news is doing nothing to dissuade this idea either.

A perfect example of what we can expect here in Australia is from the case of a 67 year old woman who faces a year in prison and $100,000 in fines for allegedly assaulting a federal airport security screener after the officer grabbed the woman’s breast as part of their standard procedures (see the full story ““). From my recent interstate trips, I can tell you, the Airport security staff are just itching to get this form of power …

We have heard about installing a grid of CCTV cameras across the country, introducing a national identity card, suggestions of a shoot to kill policy, increased spying on citizens, increased ASIO powers and (in)directly attacking the Muslim community.

I for one would like to know when the the war on terrorism boiled down to the war on Islamic ideology and the removal of citizens rights in favor of a police state?

The media must also take responsibility for most of the hysteria that is currently being generated. When did the art of journalism stop being about the objective view of the news as opposed to sensationalised, one-sided, rating grabs? When did portraying an extremist Muslim sheik’s comments become the view of the entire Muslim community?

If that’s the angle, then why aren’t the views of right-wing-christian fanatics the voice of the entire christian community?

Ah, it’s all just hot air … Nostradamus was right … anyone have a hitchhikers device? Time for me to leave this insane rock …


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