Cool Gadgets: Two-way viewing-angle LCD

You’re sitting at home in the lounge on Sunday night, and want to check if that e-mail you were promised by your mate on IM has finally made its way into your Gmail account, but your partner wants to watch the Sunday Night movie.

What do you do?

Well, never fear, Sharp has come to the rescue!

Introducing what they claim to be the first LCD to simultaneously display different information in right and left viewing directions. This is the one invention that will save your relationship when the footy’s on at the same time as Sleepless in Seattle.

It also offers promise in other areas, like in cars so the driver sees their in-car navigation maps while their passenger watches a DVD movie from the same screen.

Not interested in seeing two images? No problem, flick of a switch and it becomes a very wide angle LCD screen.

Now, how do you play the audio of two shows to each viewer?


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