MS going after RSS?

Greetings and Salutations,

recently announced that the next versions of Internet Explorer (7.0) and Windows (Longhorn – or is it now?) would integrate (Really Simply Syndication) support.

Now, is it just me, or does anyone else get a feeling of déjà vu?

Calling RSS “the next stage of evolution” for the internet, at this late stage of the game is no different to the announcement back in the mid-90’s that the internet will be “the next big thing”.

As always, Microsoft have missed the boat and are trying to convince the public that they are on top of innovative evolutions.

But are they? It seems to me that the monolith seems to jump onto technologies once the technology hits some form of critical mass, just like now, RSS is big, it’s being used throughout the Internet and it’s not going away. So, as always, the software giant will embrace this “relatively new” technology as tight as the death grip of a pirate on his treasure map and will (assumedly, based on past ventures) subsume RSS inside its operating systems and browser technology.

On the surface, this is good news for the end users. IE will now be able to automatically discover RSS feeds; and Windows (Longhorn/Vista) and the apps running inside it, will be able to build and utilise feed lists.

As per the Integration of IE into Windows 98 and the introduction of DHTML, I’m convinced that Microsoft will create and base a new set of RSS extensions. Thus, the takeover of another technology will be complete.

So, it isn’t hard to figure out what happens next in the Longhorn-IE-RSS scenario. IE 7 will launch late this year, then Longhorn/Vista will (finally) arrive in 2006(7?), new (MS embraced and extended) RSS code will be released and the package will undoubtedly sport easy-to-use, seamlessly integrated RSS capabilities.

The whole industry, including competitors, will cheer. Then they’ll have this pang, a flash of déjà vu (ala IE, Windows 98 ,DHTML) and wonder what hit them.

Viva la Evolution?


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