Eau de Ostalgie

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, there have been a number of Ostalgie products released to perhaps encourage a far too sentimental image of the defunct German Democratic Republic (East Germany) – another one of those regimes which shot those who tried to escape. Regardless, the books, films, music, food and drink inspired by the GDR nostalgia continue and the thirst for Ostalgie persists.

Those desperate for a whiff of them ol’ days can now get Communism in a can!

Yes, for only €3.98 you too can own … a tin of exhaust fumes from the socialistic pride of the ubiquitous two-stroke engined East German car known as the Trabant.

Being sold as a brand new (non cosmetic) Trabant perfume, “Trabi Duft”, is the latest in a seemingly unending line of Ostalgie products coming out. The producers of eau de Trabant, say it remains the closest people will get to recapturing the true smell of East Germany!

But, remember, don’t get too close to the past … or you could stay there …

It’s not that opening a can of Trabi Duft will make you ill as each can is stuffed with cotton wool which simultaneously captures the distinctive aroma and filters out any toxic particles … but still, I wouldn’t stick my nose in too deep, nor open the can in the living-room.

The smell can linger for 14 days and you might have real trouble with your partner if you do that …

So why wait? Get your can today!


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