One for the Sys Admin Mentees

Greetings and Salutations,

This is one for my mentees (past, present and future).

The ultimate resource for all things SysAdmin, especially when it comes to working out best practices of system and network administration – independent of specific platforms or technologies – is written by Tom Limoncelli and Christine Hogan in a lovely bound volume called ““.

The book features six key principles of site design and support practices (simplicity, clarity, generality, automation, communication, and basics first) and examines the major areas of responsibility for system administrators within the context of these principles.

The book also discusses change management and revision control, server upgrades, maintenance windows, and service conversions. You will find experience-based advice that is invaluable!

For those who I’ve mentored, you’ll notice some similarities with my lessons …

As an ongoing exercise as well, I’d suggest you bookmark and regularly read their as well. Some of you may have already been given this link to Tom’s tips for . It’s all worth it’s weight in electrons it is …


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