Freedom approaches!

Hooray, Hooray! Today is a fine day!

Today is the day that I received, not one, not two, but THREE fully fledged, one-hundred percent, top-notch, all-expenses paid, in black and white (with a swag of supporting materials) job offers!

Now, of course, all I have to do is choose between them … do I take the role with the HUGE cash offer, but have no work-life balance for at least 18 months and move to country NSW? Or take the role with less cash now, but a guaranteed money train future and move to Canberra? Or do I go for the middle of the road option that has a full “build up that career” option, and stay in Melbourne?

Either way, while I deliberate, I had to write the resignation letter. The first one was quite lengthy – two and half A4 pages that can best be described as Homer Simpson, driving across the bridge, pouring gasoline as he goes and tossing a match over his shoulder …

The second was an abridged version of the above fitting in a single A4 page … the final one (that will be presented in the morning) is a short, sweet “thanks for all the fish” style half-pager.

So … now to decide … I think I’m going to stay in Melbourne …

Yeop. I’ll let you know if I change my mind overnight …

Now, I just have to survive the next four weeks!


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