Gates v Google

Greetings and Salutations,

A quick one today … I recently read a quote:

Bill Gates says of Google, “They are more like us than anyone else we have ever competed with.” (see the original article dated April 25, 2005 from Fortune Magazine)

and I had to laugh! Not because it sounds absurd, not because it makes people think Bill’s lost it, nor even the unsurprising stance of Microsoft to find competition out there – regardless of who they are or what they do – but the sheer, subtle gloom that is thrown onto Google by this statement. Okay, admittedly this is based on train logic, but work with me here:

  • When people generally think of Microsoft: Monopolistic & Evil
  • When people generally think of Google: little innovative guy & “do no evil”

So, when Bill turns around with the above statement, he has put together a new formula into peoples heads:

  • If (Microsoft = Evil) & (Google = Microsoft Like) then (Google = Evil)

Now some already agree with this evaluation, and have done so for some time.

Me? I think Google is going after a share of the pie … yes, into other software arenas, but so far, always only with the view of providing better and more complete search facilities. I must admit, that I am a fan of best-of-breed natural selection … so I hope they carve themselves out a nice slice. But then again, I also hope that new players, like this one, also come to the fore and give them both something to think about!

Want to follow this further, there’s plenty of commentary out there.

That’s all for me,


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