Sunday Mornin’ Blues

Well, it’s another grand Melbourne Winter Sunday Morning. The sun shines down through the breaks in the storm clouds as they glide across the sky marching onwards towards the Gippsland valleys and across the straight.

In twenty-four hours time I’ll be sitting in my cubicle, wishing I wasn’t. I’m between roles at the moment … for the last three-odd years I’ve been accomplishing a role that sits between the positions of an IT Architect, Senior Technical Analyst, Project Manager, Mentor and Gimp. Due to the frustrations I’ve expressed in an earlier post, the Software Development manager offered to transfer me into one of his teams as a Systems Architect. Well, in theory at least – the title will still be Senior A/P, the pay doesn’t change and the architecture is important and will need to be done, but only after the team is rebuilt and the support issues go away … maybe in a year or so … we can’t rush these things, you know!

So, I’ve been looking for work outside of my current locale. Well, technically I’ve been looking for about 6 months with any real effort. In the last two, I’ve expanded the border to take in opportunities from across the country.

This strategy has proven simultaneously fruitful and tiring. I have received requests and opportunities from everywhere! With a selection including three active roles in Canberra, five in Sydney, one in Perth, one in Wollongong, a few in Melbourne, two in Brisbane …

That’s great, don’t get me wrong, but have you any idea how tiring it gets to go to work, do your ‘normal’ thing, try and not let on you’re seeking and complete a minimum of eight interviews a week? For the record, it’s stressful, exhausting and drives the anxiety levels right up.

It’s no wonder, in hindsight, that Friday turned out the way it did.

I was called on Wednesday evening and asked if I would mind going up to Wollongong/Port Kembla for a final interview for one of the roles I had applied to. I naturally responded in the affirmative and the plans were being laid.

Thursday I receive the confirmations that I will be on a 0700 flight to Sydney (there weren’t any direct to Wollongong) where I would land, get a hire car, drive down to Port Kembla and meet with the respective team and leaders of the IS department.

Which I did, except there was a half hour delay getting into Sydney Airport, where we circled for at least 20 minutes, then once we landed, I got the hire car, drove down as fast as I could without breaking any laws (I hope!), and getting lost in the vastness of Port Kembla. So, I finally managed to find the place, I met the people, did my thing and after that, I had to drive back up to Sydney (via the Scenic route to look at the local area, check out a lovely cafe and beaches at Bulli and investigate local real estate) drop off the rental at the airport, rush into the City via train to get a lovely hat from Antons, rush back to the Airport, check in, get all but strip searched by the overzealous security guys after the bombings in London, get onto the plane … and I should be relaxing now, shouldn’t I?

It’s about this time that the entire week came crashing down on me. The rigid pace I’ve been setting for myself, the stress, the pressure of the day, the lack of sleep of the previous night, the fact that I practically hadn’t eaten or drunk all day and the gastro that has been sitting on the verge of exploding all week … all decided to bite me in the ass just as we took off …

It started off with a feeling of intense anxiety and nausea, followed by a wave of cold sweat and dizziness … my ears felt like they were about to explode outwards from the changing pressure in the cabin and then we finally levelled out … at this stage I thought, maybe if I go to the toilet, I can relieve some of that turbulence occurring within me, wash my face and get myself in order … so I got up … and promptly fainted in the aisle!

Next thing I know I’m stretched out across three seats, sucking on an oxygen tank being checked out by another passenger who’s a GP.

So to all those on Flight QF451 that night – I apologise for disturbing what should have been a pleasantly dull flight down to Melbourne. Hopefully it gave you all an interesting story to tell your friends and family once you landed.

Well, that’s all for me for now … my partner is bitching about the length of time I’m taking for my brain-dump … so I’m off to let her do her MBA homework … even though I know she’s more interested in checking out her SIMS2 websites.


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