An introduction

Well, they did it!

They allowed me to have my own ranting space. Oh the fools! The poor miserable, misguided fools! Do they not realise that this is a dangerous proposition? The mere inconvenience of the thousands of complaint e-mails alone may not be a worry to those behind the great wall of technology … but the lawyers won’t like it!

So what is this blog about? NOTHING! I just really needed a place to rant, rave and brain-dump on a regular basis.

So why is it published? Because we have the technology! Because it can be! Because I need to express myself … think of it as mental exhibitionism.

So why should you read it? There is no real reason why you should. In fact, don’t! Stop it! right now!

Why are you still reading? Oh, I know, it’s either because you’re bored, mentally disturbed, or for some strange reason you find my rantings somewhat mildly amusing in some small way… Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.



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